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Implant Planning Software

The 3D images provided by our CBCT machine, coupled with our new high tech implant planning software (Invivo 5 from Anatomage) enables us to plan our surgeries in advance s we are able to avoid causing damage to vital structures, including nerves, blood vessels and sinuses. 

Cone Beam Computer Tomography

Truly one of the most important imaging and diagnostic breakthroughs in modern dentistry, cone beam computer tomography (CBCT or “CAT” scan for short) allows us to make 3D images of our patients’ teeth, jaws and surrounding structures giving us unprecedented information with extraordinary accuracy and detail. It is rapidly becoming the gold standard for patient care in implant dentistry. We are one of the few dental practices to offer CBCT in-house.


Surgical Suite

Dr. Clerk Prosthodontics works closely with Dr. Erick Garand, Oral Surgeon, also a Dentist at Mic Mac Dental Centre. Our office is fully equipped with a surgical suite. 

Dr. Garand offers a wide variety of services including complicated extractions, bone grafting and the surgical placement of implants.

Services can be performed under local anesthetic or IV sedation. 

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